Larry Ma

Managing Director
Investment Banking
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“Still young at heart” but with decades of experience, Larry Ma is one of the newest members of the Stout family. Based in Shanghai, he joined the firm in August 2018 when Bluepeak Group, a boutique M&A firm he founded in 2006, formed a joint venture with Stout. Larry first got to know Stout through the ACG Intergrowth Conference several years ago and says Stout Managing Directors Simon Heaton and Mike Benson played an important role in getting him more familiar with Stout during this time before he formally joined the firm. In Stout, Larry recognized a mutual desire to build on Bluepeak’s capabilities and help expand Stout’s investment banking presence in Asia.

“I was very comfortable both culturally and professionally when I interacted and worked with people from different levels at Stout for almost two years,” Larry says. “I find people at Stout to be highly entrepreneurial and highly professional. Most important, I was attracted by CEO Craige Stout’s vision of driving the firm’s business growth globally. I hope to be part of this vision to build a global brand and platform for likeminded professionals to be successful based on merit.”

Although Larry is still relatively new to the firm, he looks forward to the potential opportunities ahead. “There are still many things for me to find out and learn along the way,but I see our Asia business leveraging Stout’s new branding efforts as well as the firm’s strong growth initiatives,” he says. Complementing these efforts is Larry’s drive to continually address clients’ strategic, business, and financing issues, add critical value to their businesses, and contribute to the greater good. “By helping clients solve strategic challenges, I’m rewarded with the spiritual satisfaction of being a valuable member of the society and making an impact.”

While Larry is currently based in Shanghai, he has called many places home.

“People ask me ‘Where are you from?’ But I always need to explain that a little bit. I’ve spent most of my time living in Shanghai, but I was in fact born and grew up in Ningbo, a city in the province next to Shanghai. So I’m not really from Shanghai. While I’m a native of China, I actually hold a Singapore passport. This is because I started my career in Singapore in early 1990s, spent quite a few years working in Singapore, and eventually became a Singapore citizen.  So maybe I should say I’m from Singapore. I also studied and worked in Chicago for a few years, living in Evanston, IL, a suburb just north of the city.  Whenever I visit Chicago, I kind of feel like I’m coming back home. So, should I say I’m from Chicago, to some degree?  I guess now you can see my dilemma in answering the ‘Where are you from?’ question!”

But no matter if it is in Shanghai, Chicago, or Singapore, Larry always finds time for one of his favorite hobbies: singing. “During the weekend, I could spend hours singing aloud,” he says. “Apart from that, I also enjoy reading, traveling, photographing, and playing puzzle games.”