Nick Vasdekas

Dispute Consulting
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Nick Vasdekas has quickly risen through the ranks in Stout’s Dispute Consulting group. Working closely with senior experts at the firm, Nick manages numerous projects related to litigation as well as the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets in other contexts. As a goal-oriented person, Nick points out that setting defined achievements helps to push himself further in his assignments. “It is an inherent driving factor in all of the work I do at Stout,” he says.

Nick first learned about Stout as a college student via on-campus recruiting. He gives credit to Stout Senior Manager in Human Resources Jaci Kurowski who reached out and introduced him to the firm. “When I was first thinking of coming to Stout, I had a list of aspirations and opportunities I wanted out of the next chapter in my career,” he says.

“After learning about numerous aspects of the firm from interviews and my own network, the decision to come to Stout was easy. What really attracted me to Stout were the people and the opportunities the firm gives its employees. By coming here, I knew I would grow and seize the opportunities offered at Stout through every single phase of my career.”

As he has grown at the firm and leveraged new opportunities, Nick has also helped pass the baton to interns and new hires. For him, sharing his skill-set in the training and development of his colleagues is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Stout. “I have been able to witness the growth of some of our bright, young leaders,” he says, “and knowing I may have played even a minor role in their development makes all of the effort worth it.”

Nick praises the collegial atmosphere at Stout, noting how it has aided in both his personal and professional development and that of his broader team. “The group that I am in is extremely collaborative and full of the smartest people in our line of work,” he says. And this office environment has also brought his team closer together in many ways outside of their daily duties. “I really enjoy spending time with my group. The activities that we plan are always exciting, such as an art museum scavenger hunt, curling, or a live-action murder-mystery dinner.”

When not taking a deep dive into intellectual property or attending a comedy show with his colleagues, Nick often finds the time to get into his running shoes. “I really enjoy getting outside and enjoying nature,” he says. “I find that I often have had my most creative and thoughtful experiences when out on a long run, so I try to incorporate that into my schedule as much as possible.”

And like many Stout team members, Nick is also fluent in another language – Greek. “My family originates from northern Greece, and my father’s side in particular used to make fur coats for centuries!”